Sterile Braided Coated Synthetic Absorbable Polyglactin 910 Violet/Undyed Suture.

Frequent Applications

General Closure, Gastro-Intestinal, Ob-gyn, Orthopaedics where eventual absorption of suture is required.

Undyed form is specially for Cuticular and Plastic Surgeries.

Polyglactin 910, Synthetic Absorbable Surgical Sutures Coated & Braided


TICRYL 910 is well-known combination of 90% polyglycolic acid and 10% lactic acid.


For easy handling and secure knot tying.


TICRYL 910 is coated with poly [ glycolide-co-L-lactide ] and calcium separate to ensure excellent handling and knot security.


Ensures smooth passage through tissues, for minimal tissue reaction


Predictable absorption by simple hydrolysis mechanism.

Tensile Strength

TICRYL 910 is very high initial tensile strength minimizing breakage during surgery.Retention of 85% at the end of week, 67% at the end of second week and 45% at the end of the third week of implantation.


Suture dyed with US F.D.A approved D&C violet No.2 color, for easy identification during surgical process. Also produced as undyed.


Gauge sizes 6/0 to 2 (U.S.P) supplied as needled sutures and ligatures.


Ethylene Oxide

Needle Features

-Attached with needles made from advanced grade stainless steel to ensure sharper points throughout surgical process. Needles are ribbed for easy grip and siliconized for smooth penetration. -Needles to sutures combination available for surgeons requirements.

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